I received the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Yoshimasa Hayashi and his delegation at State House Entebbe this afternoon, where we held a candid discussion on how Japan can support Uganda specifically on value addition, by encouraging Japanese investors to set up in Uganda, as opposed to importing raw materials from us, which keeps Africa and Uganda stunted despite having natural deposits capable of catapulting our economies.
You can imagine, the economy of the whole of Africa is now 2.7 trillion dollars, smaller than the GDP of Japan. Many Africans and Ugandans are still in the non-monetary GDP because Africa is deceptive, if you do not aspire for a high quality of life, you will definitely survive without money by eating mangoes for instance.
That is why until 2013, only 32 per cent of Ugandans were in the money economy, however, with our interventions, we have doubled the figure but presented ourselves with another hurdle- Those who are in the money economy are dealing in raw materials. 
We are therefore undergoing what is called perennial hemorrhage and it’s responsible for Africa’s stunting due to our bankrupt planners , coupled with external parasites who manipulate, interfere politically, and work with traitors to retard Africa. 
Hence, with our partners like Japan, let the companies come here and add value to our products. I was telling the Honorable Minister that Japan has already invested in Indonesia (South East Asia ) then let them come here.
I want electric car batteries here, we have lithium but we won’t export it. We want the batteries, we are already producing electric cars with Kira Motors and the Minister has made me this promise. I thank him in advance.
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