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Attended the 60th anniversary celebrations of Zanzibar’s independence at Uwanja Wa Amaan stadium in Unguja, Zanzibar City. 
I congratulate the people of Zanzibar together with the entire Republic and the People of Tanzania on this special historic occasion . 
The efforts of the revolutionaries led by H.E Abeid Amani Karume ensured that Zanzibar obtains a great opportunity to practice pure African principles of governance, the kind of governance that believes in African unity rather than divide and rule. 
Zanzibar working with Mwalimu Nyerere showed the rest of Africa that if two countries can agree to come together and be one , then it is possible for the rest of Africa.  I believe in Unity as a driver for wider markets , as a means to rapid development and as an answer to external pressures. I congratulate the people of Zanzibar and Tanzania
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