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It is always good for the Bazzukulu and even the adults to know their country. Uganda is the best country in the World. I always marvel at some Ugandans that look so desperate to travel to other countries, almost all of them not as endowed and as beautiful as Uganda.  On this... Read More

Countrymen, Countrywomen and, especially, the Bazzukulu. 

I am still reading the responses to my communication of yesterday on the NRM Primaries. I will reply in detail later. However, I want, for now, to repeat a few points.

Details in attached... Read More

Countrymen, Countrywomen and, especially the Bazukulu.

  Greetings again from the old man with a hat. When I last sent out a missive, it was talking about the prominent Ugandans that had died and what I knew about them. These were: Kirunda, the footballer;... Read More

Countrymen, Countrywomen and especially, the Bazukulu.

I send you greetings, after a long time of absence, occupied by COVID -19. Thanks for listening to the scientists' advice as to how to avoid this dangerous disease. 

As of today, the 14th of... Read More

You should know that man has been here on earth for 4 ½ million years. Some people think there is a difference between the Bible and Science, but I don’t think so. The Bible was summarising a long process. So, when they say, Creation is not necessarily in conflict with science, which says man... Read More

Greetings to all of you Ugandans. On New Year's Day I will make a broadcast where I will give a detailed report of whatever is happening. However, for today I wanted to salute the Electoral Commission for registering voters and also for extending the registration time because a number... Read More

To all Ugandans.

This is to express condolences to the families of the nine Ugandans that died in the Elgon area and the seventeen Ugandans that died in the Rwenzori area.  Condolences also to all Ugandans as a whole. These losses, on account of floods and landslides, are,... Read More

Dear Ugandans and, especially, the Bazzukulu.

Greetings. Crime seems to be going down on account of the as yet limited efforts we have deployed. The Police, at the Police Post or station, are supposed to have a standby force twenty four hours a day and seven days a week to react... Read More


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