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The precursors (entobo, entango, entandikairra, tere – Luo, alibuneta – Ateso) of the National resistance Movement (NRM) started in the student movement of the 1960’s and in the old parties (Uganda People’s Congress – UPC, Democratic Party – DP and Kabaka Yekka – KY), it was at a time when our country was facing disaster on account of the “false start” it was made because of the pseudo-ideology of sectarianism of religion and tribe, gender chauvinism (suppressing the women) and marginalizing the youth and the disabled. Those were the three words: sectarianism, suppression and marginalization.

The National Resistance Movement is a social-democratic liberation movement, it is a product of the protracted struggles of the people of Uganda stretching from the days of Uganda’s anti-colonial struggles and other subsequent activities of freedom fighters, which always aimed at fighting injustice and exploitation.

The ideology of a liberation struggle is always an imperative for its success at any given point in history. In Uganda, some liberation Organisations did not register enduring victory largely because of their ideological disposition.

The National Resistance Movement waged and won a protracted people’s war in a record time of five years. The NRM has since 1986 consolidated the people’s victory and used it to embark on massive recovery and transformation of Uganda’s socio-economic landscape.

How to Join the NRM Party

Contact the secretary to your nearest Cell (village) or any other Branch Executive Committee member for registration, upon completion of registration an oath of allegiance to NRM will be made and then a membership card issued.