I presided over the 25th Prayer Breakfast organised by Parliament, at State House, Entebbe. I thank H.E. the First Lady of Kenya, Maama Ruto, for gracing the occasion. I congratulate our parliament on sustaining the prayer breakfast culture. It is a uniting factor among Ugandans, bringing people of different backgrounds together. 

 This message shared on this day, is essential: Judge people by their actions, not by their identity. I have always told leaders and the population to stop thinking of the politics of identity. That is why I like the prayer breakfast culture, it is a prayer of unity in diversity.

I thank the religious leaders in the country for copying the uniting idea of the NRM by forming the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU), which brings them together for a common goal, irrespective of their religious background. This Inter-sectoral approach has helped us a lot. Uganda was a failed state, but because these people listened to our message, they decided to go for the needs of our people, not their identity. 

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