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Visited Amuru district, where I intefaced with leaders from the Acholi sub-region discussing the issue of the nomadic pastoralists(Balaalo). After listening to the various issues raised, I guided as follows:

1. Destruction of crops – I directed the UPDF Division Commander, RPC and the Minister for Northern Uganda to ensure that anybody with cows in an unfenced area in the Acholi, Lango and West Nile sub-regions to leave immediately but in any case not later than 3 weeks from 3rd Nov. 2023)

2. Land ownership- I will hold further discussions at a later date with the two groups (those aligned to the Executive order No.3 & those who are not ) on the issue of ownership and renting in the region.

3. Cultural clashes- Persons engaged in practices that are not compatible with the traditional norms of the Acholi community should desist with immediate effect.

4. Government land- Anybody occupying government land (Aswa ranch, Lakang, land acquired for the Madvhani group, etc.) must leave with immediate effect but in any case not later than 3 weeks from 3.Nov. 2023

5. Dairy farming - Government shall support the development of the dairy industry in the Acholi sub-region.

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