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Get rid of poverty through agriculture – President

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I took a group of journalists on a tour of Kawumu Presidential Farm in Makulubita Sub-county, Luweero District.

It is at this farm that in October 2016, I demonstrated how simple drip irrigation could work amidst concerns from farmers countrywide about the then prolonged dry season.

We went back to see how much progress we have made on the 24-acre farm where we grow fruits (mangoes, pineapples, passion fruits, pawpaws), practice zero grazing and also grow coffee, mushrooms, matooke and vegetables.

During today's tour, I demonstrated how mulching can be done. I encourage farmers to mulch their gardens because it helps soil retain water, stops soil erosion and when the materials decompose, they work as manure.

I developed the idea of setting up this farm in Luweero because people have failed to listen to the message of the Movement. I decided to come here to the centre where peasants live to demonstrate that it's possible.

I have been involved in the fight against poverty since 1967 and I know that you can overcome poverty through modern agriculture even on a small piece of land.

People have fragmented their land on account of poor inheritance rights, against our advice, but you can still get rid of poverty on those small pieces of land.

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