I officiated at the 5th Memorial Day of Chief Justice Benedicto Kiwanuka at the High Court in Kampala. I salute Kiwanuka for being forthright and truthful. He opposed chauvinism and the adoption of a tribal agenda. He wanted a national position and unity.
Kiwanuka turned out to be a martyr under circumstances he should not have been in the first place. Nevertheless, we the freedom fighters of NRM were able to remove the killers of Ben Kiwanuka, the colonial soldiers, Idi Amin and the group.
It is therefore my appeal that in memory of Kiwanuka, we consolidate and support the unity and approach of togetherness he advocated for. We missed the opportunity for broad-based unity in1962, 1971 and 1980 because of tribalistic mindsets.
Countrymen, countrywomen, the political class, let's not lose new opportunities. NRM has been able to keep you together for 35 years now, that’s why we are moving. Let us consolidate and support this unity and approach of togetherness (Agali awamu gegalya ennyama).
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