I officiated at the closure of the 4th Bi-Annual CEO retreat at the Kiira Motors Vehicle Plant in Mutai, Jinja District. I am intrigued by the theme of the retreat which entails Uganda's Industrialization Agenda and Positioning as a net source of E-Mobility Solutions in Africa.
We want to build an economy which is integrated vertically , horizontal and self sustaining by ensuring we put manufacturing at the pivot using our wealth in natural resources and raw materials such that we can achieve a qualitative leap.
God will punish us for not using our resources well, we have forests for instance, but we are here buying furniture from the Arabs who stay in the desert. How can we sit on imported furniture here? 
Secondly, the Transport Economy is worth USD 17trillion but we are getting none of it ! 
We can not make a plane, a computer, or medicine, we can’t even make furniture, what sort of people are we? Then we say we are experts, experts of what? Ignorance?
Countries like South Korea, Japan etc do not have the resources that Uganda has, but they are far prosperous. I appeal to everybody concerned to wake up. 
Finally, I want to thank the organizers of this forum , it’s a very good engagement because I get free consultancy from business people . I will ensure to attend always.
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