President Yoweri Museveni has launched Jesus’ Africa, a book authored by Patience Museveni Rwabwogo with a call for the young generation to use the exposure and build the capacity to consolidate the victory of Africa that was started by their ancestors and elders.

The book Jesus’ Africa is a deliberate illumination of the link between the African Continent and Christianity and a tie that stretches the lengths of biblical history. In the book, Pastor Patience extensively discusses the role of the church and in particular the African church in God’s plan to redeem nations and her spiritual encounter with God at the age of 11, which set her on the path to preach the gospel. She also points to a historical error of Africa of selling away the birthright that needs correction.

Launching the book, the President said he was “ glad to see that young people are now coming up to see that the problem we have in Africa is the problem of the Edomite curse of selling our birthright,” adding that the young people can do better to concretize what their grandfathers like Mzee Kenyatta, Julius Nyerere and others started, citing examples like the Pan Africanist Movement, the African National Congress of South Africa in 1912 and the resistance against Bismarck that defeated the colonialists. 

The President advised that Africans can be able to consolidate the continent’s victory through economic and political integration. 

"That’s what is lacking plus self-sufficiency in agriculture, manufacturing and in science,” H.E Museveni noted.

The President further encouraged parents to do their best for their children because they have the ability to pick and continue doing the good things being told to them.

"The parents have a challenge to give enough exposure to the children,” Mr. Museveni said.

He thanked his daughter Pastor Patience not only for the depth of the knowledge in the book but also linking it with African patriotism and pan Africanism to show that if you don’t defend your birthright, the thief can take it away and God can bless him.

“This is incredible and it is exactly the problem of Africa,” President Museveni said, adding that if Africans did not give away their birthright, there was no way at that time the Europeans could have penetrated Africa because they didn’t have technology that was strong enough to defeat them. 

“Yes, they had some guns but those guns were not very efficient and the Ethiopians defeated the Italians in 1896. So, the main problem was us ourselves, especially the chiefs. So therefore, Patience is hitting the nail on the head, when she says that the problem is that we sold our birthright by being greedy and divided. I really want to congratulate Patience for this insight,” H.E Museveni said.

Gen. Museveni also assured that Africa has everything and should not be intimidated by those threatening to cut off aid.

“We don’t need aid. We have everything here! We don’t need anything from anybody. The only problem we have is the Edomite curse of selling our birth right,” President Museveni noted, giving an example of coffee business where Coffee producing countries mainly in Africa are sharing only 25 billion dollars out of the global value of 460 billion dollars. 

“Because we sell the coffee unprocessed as a raw material, then some people go, roast it, grind it and get more money than we the growers of the coffee, what’s the problem there? The problem of the Edomite curse,”

The President described Pastor Patience as the only priest in the family for the first time in 140 years since the arrival of Christianity in 1877 (Anglicans) and Catholics in 1879.

“For all that time, my family has never been involved either in the government or in the church. In the government, I was the first person to be involved and on the church side it is now my daughter who is now a priest. So, I thank patience for introducing our family to that line. She has shown us that you can be a cattle keeper but also a priest and I congratulate her for that,” H.E Museveni noted.

On her part, Pastor Patience Rwabwogo told the gathering how she received a revelation from God in 2005 when she saw the vision of God’s redemptive purpose for Africa.

“That was the beginning of the revelation and over the last 17 years, the revelation has continued to grow. Like an onion, each revelation from God opens the door to the next, always going deeper and deeper into the council of God. God started revealing that we cannot move forward as a continent without dealing with the spiritual routes of two of the seminal events of African history; slavery and Colonialism,” Pastor Patience said, adding that she was surprised by the revelation because she thought these were tragic historical events that are left in the past but, “God showed me that although the routes were in the past, the fruits were still present today and that unless we dealt with those routes we would never experience true freedom whether here in Africa or the diaspora”.

Pastor Patience Rwabwogo also paid gratitude to her parents whom she said have been her encouragement and support all her life.


“They are not just parents to my siblings and me but they have become parents to the nation and are known affectionately in Uganda. We thank God for the blessing that they have been to Uganda, our region and our continent,” Pastor Patience further said, adding that through their leadership, God has blessed the people, land and the gospel has prospered.

The 461-page book, Jesus' Africa, was edited by Dr Matunda Nyachama from Nsemia Publishing in Kenya who described President Museveni as a leader and a thinker for Africa.

“We pray for you and we hope that you continue having good health, because there’s a lot that is left for you to accomplish and one of which is really bringing this continent together; economically, politically and religiously, so that we are one people,” Dr Matunda said, and expressed the need for Africa to “reflect, think and be guided by Holy Spirit to reclaim out place on this planet earth."

In attendance was Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi, the Second Lady of the Republic of Kenya and Spouse of the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, H.E. Rigathi Gachagua. Pastor Dorcas delivered greetings from the President, the Vice President and the entire people of the Republic of Kenya.

She described the author of the book Jesus' Africa, Pastor Patience as a woman of profound vision and exemplary talent with a great vision that has enabled her to put together a work of divine wisdom with razor-sharp and unwavering passion.


“The author prophetically sees Africa rising, painting a vibrant image of a prosperous and strategic land teeming with warm, enterprising people, blessed with abundant wealth and resources. This is a gift we must protect. As a family, as a church of Christ, as a nation and the continent of Africa. As a mother and a priest in Africa, I bless you daughter,” Dr. Dorcas Rigathi said.

She was impressed with the clarity with which Pastor Patience explores how Africa has historically partnered with God, playing a significant role in His universal salvation plan.

“She beautifully narrates the tale of Africa that stands in prosperity, abundant in human and mineral riches, a beacon of refuge and hope. As we launch "Jesus' Africa" today, let us celebrate not just the birth of a book, but the dawn of a new era, the awakening of Africa, and the fulfillment of the prophetic visions shared by our beloved author, Patience Rwabwogo. This book is a testament to her vision, her perseverance, and her unwavering belief in the glorious destiny of Africa,” Pastor Dorcas said.

The guest speaker at the function Rev. Dr Jim Holley, an African-American minister and civil rights leader hailed Uganda’s hospitality and good climate.

“I have been in this country for a week and half. I have seen an experience of the heart of Africa. What a great country and great people as well as a great leader,” Rev Holley said, and promised to use his relationships to help Pastor Patience to popularize her book in the United States. 


“I want to be your John the Baptist in the United States. I want to be your spiritual father and my wife to be your spiritual sister if you want it in the United States. I have already reserved a 30 minute program of ministry on the world network where you can reach 200 countries each week talking about this book, Jesus’ Africa. You’ll be able to talk to 6 million people at one time about this book,” Dr Jim Holley told Pastor Patience. .

On the other hand, President Museveni welcomed Dr Jim Holley to Uganda and was happy to link up with him after so many years since the liberation struggles.

“I’m grateful that God has linked me with Rev Holley because when we were fighting in the black movement, he was on the side of Martin Luther king who was a pacifist, using peaceful methods, me I was supporting the violent side, the one of the black power movements. So, today, God has put us together,” President Museveni said.

He was equally happy to witness what he termed as a fire brand second lady in Kenya Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi.

“When we were swearing in the new government, I was there. I saw them but she didn’t speak of course. Now I’m very happy to see a very powerful cadre here. Apart from preaching the gospel please also add my side of political liberation. I will take advantage of the pastoring skills,” H.E Museveni told

On her part, the First Lady Mama Janet Museveni thanked Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi, Dr Jim Holley and other guests for honoring her daughter Patience's invitation to travel and be present at the function.

 “Thank you so much and all our guests for your willingness to be here today and be patient through this long function and we have no doubt in our minds that God will bless you abundantly, “Mama Janet said. 

The colorful function was attended by Ministers and Members of Parliament and religious leaders

The book Jesus’ Africa is a deliberate illumination of the link between the African Continent and Christianity and a tie that stretches the lengths of biblical history. In the book, Pastor Patience extensively discusses the role of the church and in particular the African church in God’s plan to redeem nations and her spiritual encounter with God at the age of 11, which set her on the path to preach the gospel. She also points to a historical error of Africa of selling away the birthright that needs correction.


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