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Peace and stability

The NRM has a sterling record of performance that no other party can measure to, let alone challenge. It has stood the test of time and its experience in ensuring peace and security, and macro-economic stability is unmatched. It will continue serving Uganda in a harmonious environment that guarantees peace and stability. We, therefore, urge all Ugandans to once again overwhelmingly vote for NRM candidatesThis mass party has used the environment it has created to effectively serve the people as seen in a number of programmes and initiatives, which arereferredtointhismanifesto. Amongthoseare:liberatingandmoving Uganda from chaos to stability; and from poverty to prosperity. These and other programmes underway make the NRM a party that Ugandans should vote.

  • Peace and Stability
  • Good governance, democracy and security
  • Fighting Corruption
  • Growth and Development
  • Youth and Women
  • Agricultural Development
  • Better Education
  • Improved Health