Uganda has registered consistent economic progress in the last two decades averaging 6% per year. As a result, we have increased our revenue collection from a paltry sh5b in 1986 to sh9.7 trillion in 2014/15, which has enabled us to finance numerous Government projects.We have maintained macro-economic stability and contained inflation within the single-digit bracket. Building on these achievements, we will work towards increasing the size of the economy and expand our revenue base.To achieve this, we will continue removing bottlenecks that affect doing business for both large investments and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). In addition, we will aggressively promote Uganda as an investment and tourist destination. Furthermore, the NRM recognizes the contribution made by Ugandans living in the Diaspora to the economy. We will provide incentives for them to invest at home and also encourage them to participate in technology transfer.

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