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Before 1986, Uganda had become a den of insecurity. An air of fear enveloped the country as those charged with securing lives and property became the leading abusers of Ugandan lives. The gun turned into a symbol of brutality and violence.
Despite facing a raft of rebellions (Holy Ghost Movement, Lord’s Resistance Army, Allied Democratic Forces, Force Obote Back Again, etc) in its early days, the NRM government has ensured total pacification of the country—with assured security from border to border, for the first time in centuries.
The menace of marauding Karamojong rustlers who caused mayhem in neighbouring communities was also stopped, with many guns recovered from the warriors.


The army, UPDF, built on a correct pro-people ideology has professionally responded to the challenges and ensured security prevails. We have instilled discipline and respect for humanity in the army. Anyone who mishandles wananchi is harshly punished in equal measure.

For the Uganda Police Force, the NRM government has ensured the numbers grow, from 3,000 in 1986 to now 46,000. The police-to-person ratio is now at 1:800 against a target of 1:500. The quality of the Police has also improved after deliberate emphasis on recruitment of better educated persons including university graduates.

The NRM government will continue to invest in security agencies to make them more professional, equip them better, emphasise discipline and make sure they continue to effectively protect the lives of Ugandans and their property from both internal and external threats.

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