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President Yoweri Museveni has urged religious leaders to take part in eradicating poverty in the country.

This was during a service organised by a team of Bishops from Central Buganda Anglican Diocese led by Bishop Michael Lubowa at the Presidential country home in Kisozi, Gomba district.

 H.E the President first donated Shs300 million and cows to Buganda Anglican Bishops and Wives Association (BUBWA) to help the senior church workers when they are still active and when they retire. He then asked them to take part in Government household poverty eradication programs.

The President stated that he is very pleased knowing that believers in all denominations stopped sleeping and resorted to work. 

"In the 1960s, born again Christians used to say that they didn't need to work for earthly things. That their riches are in heaven. I didn't agree with them because according to the scriptures in Genesis 1, man is tasked to establish dominion over nature," he said, adding, "God created us in his own image not like other creatures. For instance, the cow cannot dig a well but looks for water to take whereas human beings have the capacity to construct a well and get water plus other things."

The President vowed to support BUBWA financially and with tools like excavators and bush clearers to improve their standards of living.

He sensitised them to run away from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture.

"If you have four acres of land, partition it into four acres.  Plant coffee in the first acre, plant fruits like oranges, pineapples, mangoes in the second acre; plant grass for cows in the third acre or rear pigs or poultry, and in the fourth one plant food for consumption. Also educate the masses on this formula," he said.

He thanked the religious leaders for praying for him, his family, the nation and other troubled countries like Russia and Ukraine. 

During the service, Bishop Lubowa commended the President for spearheading curbing Covid-19.

"Your Excellency, we thank you for guiding us to put on masks even during service and following the SOPs. This has saved us from losing a big number of people," Lubowa said.

He, further, lauded the President for fighting and winning terrorists who had started carrying out bombings in some parts of the country. He again commended the President for coordinating with our neighbouring brothers in DR Congo to exterminate the terrorists.

In his sermon, Bishop Emeritus Dr. George Sinabulya, preached about being good ambassadors like President Museveni and the first lady Janet Museveni. He gave the example of how every year the President and the first lady, Janet Museveni, honor God by holding a national Thanksgiving prayer day. 

Sinabulya preached that leaders are chosen by God and, therefore, everything they do they do on behalf of God. 

"And no ambassador is  not supposed to do something outside what God likes," he added. 

He advised all leaders to be good ambassadors by emulating the good example of President Museveni who has led the country peacefully.

Bishop James Ssebagala of Mukono prayed for the President and his family. He asked God to help the President's family to live in harmony, to keep them healthy, to be their guide, to protect them, to be their defender, to remove all stumbling blocks in their lives, to provide them all they need to lead the country in calmness and truth.

Bishop Emeritus Dunstan Bukenya prayed for Government leaders and their families and asked God to protect and guide them.

Rev. Grace Kavuma prayed for the youths. He asked God to protect schools from being burnt and protect the pupils and students at all levels. He prayed for them to get jobs after school and make them honest to their bosses at work places, to get them good wives and husbands, and to be their guide in their marriages, and also to enable them love their country.

Bishop Elidad Nsubuga prayed for the Church and State relationship. He asked God to forgive all people their trespasses and make them respect their leaders, and to help them learn to work and live in harmony.

On his part, Bishop Emeritus of Central Buganda Diocese, Bishop Jackson Matovu prayed for Russia and Ukraine. He asked God to intercede in their issue, help them settle their grievances amicably and enable them to live in peace and harmony.

The First Lady who is also the Minister for Education and Sports, Hon. Janet Museveni, welcomed the Bishops and thanked them for honoring the words of the Bible and for also taking time to gather in their compound to pray for the President, all leaders and citizens of Uganda, and other countries in war to live peacefully. 

"And we shouldn't take peace for granted," she advised. 

She quoted 1 Timothy 2:1-2: "I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions and Thanksgiving be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, Godly and dignified in every way."

She added: "There is no leadership that doesn't come from the Lord. And the Lord Himself says we should pray for those who are in leadership so that our countries can live a quiet and peaceful life. So, if all of us do our part, our countries will be at peace and it will bring glory to God."

Hon. Robina Gureme Rwakoojo, the Member of Parliament, Gomba West County thanked President Museveni and the First Lady for being prayerful and loving God. 

She thanked the President for tarmacking the road starting from Mpigi stretching to Kanoni, Kabulasoke, Maddu, Ssembabule up to Villa Maria. 

Hon. Rwakoojo further appreciated H.E Museveni for extending electricity to the area.

"You gave us a solar plant which is the biggest in East and Central Africa. You've given us electricity from UMEME though we are disturbed by envious people who steal the electricity wires and sell them to saucepan makers," Rwakoojo said. 

She also thanked the President for fighting Covid-19 and also introducing poverty eradication programs like Emyooga and Parish Development Model (PDM). "The people of Gomba are pleased and ready to work," the MP said.

She continued to applaud the President for availing a meat refinery machine at National Enterprise Corporation (NEC). "This will help the people to start exporting meat," she added. 

Hon. Sylvia Nayebare, the Gomba Woman MP, applauded the President for solving land wrangles in the area and most importantly, issuing a new directive banning landlords, bailiffs and others from chasing people from their land before making thorough investigations into land matters. 

She reported to the President that some opposition MPs specifically from Buganda region have embarked on fighting Government development programs like PDM claiming that the program was brought to divide Buganda.

Other clergy present were Rev. Canon J.Kanakulya Fredrick, Rev. Mwesiga Patrick, Rev. Mwesigwa Isaac, Fr. Peter Ssennyondo Lule, Rev. Masembe Saul, Rev. John Ssekakozi, Sheikh Kabenge Muhammad, Fr. Kizito Ssendikwanawa, Rev. Canon David Kaleebu, Rev. Monica Kanjyenyi, Rev. Canon Muhanguzi Enock, Rev. David John Njagala, Rev. Canon Elizabeth K.Tamale, Rt. Rev. Henry Katumba, Rev. Grace Joram Kavuma, Rev. James Bukomeko,  Rev. Canon David Serunjogi, Rev. Muwonge Stephen, Rev. Canon Ssekamatte Stephen, Rev. Canon Mukiibi Paul, Rev. Canon Emmanuel Kakooza, Bishop Micheal Senyimba, Bishop Samuel Ssekadde, and other invited guests.

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